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Springfield Executive Breakfast Club
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Get Tested: Urban Soil Test Program
Proper fertilization of lawns is critical to cleaner water in the Ozarks. Getting your soil tested can save you money  on fertilizer by indicating your lawn’s nutrient needs. The James River Basin Partnership is offering a soil test and  nutrient management plan for your yard to residents of the James River Basin.
Contact Melissa Bettes at 417-836-4847 to schedule an appointment for your soil test.
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body-massage-1428380-639x957Halo Massage and Wellness

Massage as Part of Your Health

At HALO Massage and Wellness (HMW), we are committed to supporting your journey to health and wellness in an accepting and non-judgmental atmosphere. At HALO, you are our priority. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the most attentive care possible to successfully balance your health and life. Together, we are the HALO team

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Greg’s Small Engine Shop


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